Different Types Of Personal Electric Vehicles

type of personal electric vehicles

With the improvements in battery technology, electric personal transporters have increased in variety significantly. We used to have the option of choosing an electric bicycle or the expensive Segways a few years ago.

However, electric vehicles for personal transportation come in a wide variety of forms. It is important to be aware of the differences among the different types of electric rideables.


In recent years, hoverboards have become a popular form of transportation among younger generations.

A gyroscopic sensor, sensors, and self-balancing mechanism are built in to ensure your safety. 

Once you learn how to use it, it is relatively easy to control, although it is not intended to replace your car.

In some places, riding a hoverboard on a public street or sidewalk is prohibited to prevent safety hazards, and you can’t take your hoverboard onto an airplane as well.

Electric Skateboard

These electric skateboards run on battery power and are capable of braking and accelerating at speeds up to 25 mph with a push of a button.

Using an electric skateboard may require that you first master basic skateboarding. An electric skateboard has the advantage of not requiring constant forward motion when you are traveling.

To ride an electric skateboard, you must remain balanced and adjust your body appropriately.

When you are breaking, an electric skateboard can regenerate power while it is powered by batteries to make your skateboard last longer.

You will find that this feature comes in handy when traveling on more uneven terrain.

Electric Bikes

These electric two-wheeled bicycles offer the same controls as a normal bicycle, but they are powered by electricity. A bicycle battery also provides additional electrical power that helps you move your bike quickly and efficiently without having to use your own energy.

It is possible to ride an electric bike while using only your legs, which allows you to pedal at your own pace to achieve your desired physical exertion.

Likewise, the way the handlebars are used for steering is similar to that of a normal bike. Nevertheless, the electric bike is quite bulky and, in addition to being heavy, is often difficult to move around.

Electric Scooters

A scooter is an electric two-wheeled vehicle. The platforms have a wheel at both ends of the platform and are shorter, thinner, and slender. 

In addition to allowing better balance as one stands on the electric rideable, a handlebar is located near the front wheel. It controls steering and steering direction.

Several cities have implemented rental services for electric scooters as a reliable and efficient way for people to travel short distances on short notice.

While electric scooters aren’t available for rent in cities, they are still very cost-effective and can be used just about anywhere that is out of traffic’s way as they travel at high speeds.